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Exam Results Day

Great news from our medical elective students in Jinja, Uganda – they have all passed their final exams! Congratulations to all!  Here’s Sarah’s latest blog…

So today was the day we had to use the very slow WiFi to check our exam results and I’m so relieved to say we all passed! Such a nice relief but still can’t believe we have passed our medical school finals and are so close to actually being a doctor!

It was so nice to be busy today in order to distract ourselves before results came out – we spent the morning on a game drive then the afternoon on a boat down the Nile. It was amazing to be able to see so many animals so close, including hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and even a lion! It feels a world away from Jinja being here but it’s nice to have a break for a couple of days, and we can go back not having to worry about results!

Expect more photos when we arrive back in Jinja (being 20km from the Congo means signal is not good!) but I’ve hopefully uploaded some below!

Sarah Read – 12th July 2018