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Go Dry for January 2017!



Enjoying those festive drinks? Think you could give it all up for a month? Last year, 12 million pledged to go dry for 31 days to raise money & awareness for Alcohol Concern. You can join the millions next month as they take a break from booze. What’s more, this year Alcohol Concern have partnered with Virgin Money Giving to give you the chance to support them and another charity of your choice!

Where do we fit in?

Act4Africa works in impoverished African communities in which alcohol abuse too often fuels gender-based violence. Frequent, heavy drinking is far more common amongst men than women in these regions. The results? Physical aggression and multiple sexual partners.

At least 1 in 3 women in rural Uganda is a victim of physical violence from their male partner, violence that is strongly linked to alcohol abuse. These women struggle to negotiate safe sex and, as a result, are 50% more likely to acquire HIV.

At Act4Africa we strive to provide women and men with healthier, happier lives in which HIV & violence decline and gender equality triumphs.

Where do you fit in?

We can only achieve this with your help.
Give up booze from 1st to 31st January – reap the health and financial rewards & use the challenge to fundraise for two great charities.

What are the benefits?

–       No more hangovers
–       Look better, feel brighter, sleep sounder
–       Lose lbs post-festivities
–       Save £££s out of your own purse
–       Raise £££s for ours!

Sign me up!

1.     Click here to register through the official Dry January website
2.     Select to create a fundraising page (near the bottom of the form)
3.     Choose Act4Africa from the drop-down menu
4.     Pop the wine glasses in the cupboard & you’re ready to go!