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‘It was probably one of the best experiences of my life and I came out the other end far more confident and skilled than I was when I started. I pushed myself quite far and gained a lot, however there is no expectation and you can take out as much as you want from the experience. The more you put in, the greater your integration into the team, and you will emerge satisfied that you have made a genuine difference to people’s lives’

Alex, University of Warwick, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital

”Uganda was such an amazing place to spend my elective. It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to learn lots about tropical medicine and about working in a low resource environment, both in practical and medical way.

Not only was it really interesting in the hospital, but we were also able to have enough time to go on tourist excursions, such as going on safari, rafting down the Nile, and exploring around Jinja. We have gained so much from this trip but it is also nice to think that we have made some difference to people we have encountered in the hospitals, even if only small. Despite struggling at times with the lack of resources and the fact that all doctors run on African time (everything is done very slowly, with patients often not being seen until late morning!), it was a really fulfilling trip and I would love to go back some day.

All the people we met were so friendly and wanted us to have the best time we could. We received great support from Act4Africa and everything was really well organised with a very friendly helpful team both in the UK and Uganda. The Act4Africa elective programme is really good value with amazing food and accommodation all included. Four weeks were only enough for a taster of what Uganda has to offer, but it was more than enough to gain invaluable medical experience and moments that I will remember for a long time. ”

Sarah, University of Liverpool, Jinja, Uganda

Read Sarah’s entertaining and informative Blog series on her elective experiences in Uganda – Today is the day, Uganda elective: End of Week 1, Time off for birthday shenanigans, Uganda Elective – A Short Week 2, Exam Results Day, A Trip to Mayuge and Kathy’s Centre, End of Week 3 and Final Week of Medical Elective.

‘it was an unforgettable experience…there is so much to do in the town and opportunities to organise safaris…Zai and her family are exceptional, I was made to feel so welcome in her home and she made sure I had everything that I needed. The food was delicious, and it was great that we could experience traditional African dishes.’

Alice N, University of Birmingham, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital

‘…seeing the work of Act4Africa and being able to visit Kathy’s Centre.’

Alice E-K, University of Birmingham, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital

Read Alice and Alice’ Blog for an insight into the day to day life of the hospital and the opportunities outside of the hospital

‘I was exposed to many conditions that I would not normally come across in the UK. For example, Malaria, TB and HIV. This allowed me to gain more insight into how these conditions are managed and I feel much more confident in my knowledge of tropical medicine now. As well as this I got to experience emergency situations that I may not have seen in the UK.’

Michael, University of East Anglia, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Uganda

Michael was great at keeping us up to date whilst away on his elective! Take a closer look at his experience here.


‘Being able to stay with Zai meant our stay on Uganda was more authentic…also got to form proper relationships with the people and immerse ourselves in the culture and way of life more’

Sophie, University of Sheffield, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda

” The best part of the elective as a placement was getting experience of healthcare within Uganda. It was good being able to choose where you wanted to be in the hospital and the relaxed nature of the placement even allowed you to move around to different places within the hospital if you wished to do so. The doctors were enthusiastic to teach and more than willing to have us accompany them around the ward whilst they were seeing patients. The accommodation was brilliant with the housekeeper being the best part of it as she was very welcoming, hospitable, and an amazing cook! ”

Jenny, University of Liverpool, Jinja, Uganda

‘…a real insight into healthcare in Uganda’

Anna-Lina, University of Southhampton, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Uganda

“This elective with Act4Africa has been the best experience of our lives. We could not have asked for more.”

Grace and Eleanor, Sheffield University, Jinja, Uganda

Read Grace and Eleanor’s BLOGS, no.1 – an eye-opening introduction, no.2 – medical ethics and personal impact ,  and finally no.3 for an insight into the social side of things.

‘The doctors and medical students were all very welcoming and keen to teach me. I had many offers from the medical students to act as a translator so that I could take histories from patients and they invited me to some of their teaching sessions which were interesting to attend.’

Beth, University of Liverpool, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Uganda


‘I never once felt scared or at risk’

Sai Kadirrajah, Kings College London, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Uganda

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