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Pre-Medicine Trips FAQs

Overseas Medical Work Experience Placements for 17-25 Year Olds

FAQs  – for parents and students

Is it safe?

Act4Africa always ensures that the safety of our students is our number one priority. We always provide support for every student before they go and whilst on placement, to ensure that their experience is safe, enjoyable and educational.


Having concerns about safety before travelling overseas is perfectly natural. The core of our Act4Africa trips is to deliver safe, medical placements for students. Because we have many years’ experience, our staff ensure that every aspect of these placements is of the highest standards. 


We understand that young volunteers need structure, a safe environment and support from experienced staff. We have many years’ experience of sending students overseas each year, some as young as 16 or 17.


Ensuring that these students have a worthwhile, memorable and safe experience is of great importance to us. To ensure this happens, we provide:

Safe destinations:  We ensure that the countries where our programmes are located are safe and welcoming to visitors. Before establishing a programme, our UK team make extensive visits to each country to ensure that we are satisfied that it meets our high safety expectations. We monitor government travel advice from the British & Commonwealth Office to ensure we have the latest travel information for each of our destinations. 

The locations in which our programmes are based are chosen for the following reasons: safety and security, the quality of the hospitals nearby (for our students to work in), travel opportunities in the area and support from our local team coordinators. 

Secure Accommodation: We provide accommodation in selected Act4Africa houses in each destination. We ensure that the houses are comfortable and secure. Our houses have sociable living and kitchen areas, outdoor spaces and shared bedrooms. In each destination, the gardens are walled, to provide privacy and security. We also have security staff at the property to ensure that the students feel safe and relaxed during their stay. 

Supportive Staff Teams: Each of our locations has a full time Act4Africa local team coordinator. All of our overseas staff are fully trained and briefed by our UK staff. There is also a female housekeeper on site.

Is this placement actually beneficial?

Yes, this placement will be very beneficial. It will provide students with:

  • Hands on experience in the field which will ensure a strong UCAS personal statement
  • Prepare students for entry into medical graduate programmes.
  • Provide the extra edge in university interviews

Will there be any support while on the placement?

Yes, while on placement every student receives full support:

  • Each Act4Africa location has a full time local coordinator.
  • Constant contact – Our UK team is contactable in emergencies 24/7.