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Getting stuck in….

Hello its Alice here.  My friend, and colleague, Alice has now gone back to the UK but I have had very busy week here in Uganda.

I’ve now been in Uganda for three weeks and it’s completely flown by – I can’t believe there’s only a week left! I’ve spent the last week in the Emergency Room in the Children’s Hospital. I was able to get really stuck in and involved in the care of the patients. 

There has been an influx of Ugandan student nurses this week. They all arrive on time and many of them are eager to learn! I have been able to share knowledge from the UK with them and have also been able to teach them skills, such as passing an NG tube. It has been good to work alongside other nurses who are also learning like I am! 

In the Emergency Room I have been able to see illnesses we rarely see in the UK. An example of this is tetanus. I had never seen this before and was quite shocked at how it presented. I was able to help treat the child and was quite involved in her care. I have also seen cases of severe anaemia, malaria and malnutrition. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is quite high, and I have witnessed a few deaths whilst being on the ward. This can be quite tough, especially knowing that in the UK many of those deaths would have been preventable. Unfortunately, the hospital does not have resources to resuscitate children unlike there is back home. Despite this, the experience has been amazing though and being able to share knowledge and learn new skills has been very fulfilling. 

In the evenings after coming home from the hospital, it has been great to be living in a guest house and relax and spend time with the family and play with Ruby! She is a very cheeky little girl but has the biggest personality! It is nice to be able to wind down after a busy day and have a bit of fun! 

Before coming out to Jinja, I had a list of things I wanted to do whilst here. As this weekend was my last one here, I had to make sure I had done everything on the list! On Saturday morning I went horse riding with Nile Horseback Safaris. I rode through the local villages and along the river Nile. It was incredible and such a fun way to see the local area! I would highly recommend it to anyone coming to Jinja!

On Sunday I went to one of the local hotels to use the pool and relaxed in the sunshine to wind down after what had been a very busy week! 

I’m looking forward to my last week here but am also sad that the experience is coming to an end!