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Gift Cards

Are you looking for an unique gift for someone? Your nearest and dearest… a distant relative… a teacher… a carer… or someone you wish to thank? Donate to Act4Africa on their behalf and help some of the world’s most vulnerable children and young women. Choose from our gift list and your donation will help them access the education, health services and livelihoods that they desperately need.

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£6 Nutritional Breakfast for 10 children at Kathy’s Centre

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if it is your only meal? Your gift will help us to provide a day’s breakfast to 10 young children in Kathy’s Kindergarten.

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£12 School Back-Pack, Educational and Sanitary Supplies 

Your gift will provide a girl with a backpack full of the essential educational equipment that she needs to study. Many families can’t afford the costs, even though their children desperately want to go.

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£18 School Uniform for a child at Kathy’s Kindergarten 

Your gift will provide a child at Kathy’s Centre with the full uniform, PE kit and shoes he/she needs to attend kindergarten. Many of the children in Mayuge live in poverty and are desperate to start their education, however they lack the resources to make this possible.

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£25 School Fees for a vulnerable teenage girl 

Your gift will fully cover one month’s school fees for a girl on our Grow A Girl Programme. Fewer than 1 in 5 girls make it to secondary school in Sub-Saharan Africa and poverty, gender inequality and teenage pregnancies lead to an 85% drop out rate. The gift of education is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

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£55 Grains for Growth!

Imagine your family was hungry. Then imagine a third of your crop risks being destroyed by insects, rodents and deadly fungal contamination. And then imagine being part of the solution by preventing such devastating waste of precious food.

Your gift will help us provide training and small airtight grain silos to desperately poor families in rural Uganda. These safely store crops for later use, in times when food prices rocket or when children need to take grain to school as part of their school fees.

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£50 Beading Workshop for adolescent mothers

In Mayuge, Uganda child marriage is the norm and girls give birth as young as 13. Kathy’s Centre offers them a safe place to meet and support each other. Your gift enables Act4Africa to give them skills and resources to make jewellery and bags and to earn an income.
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How do I purchase my gift?

Follow this link to our Virgin Money Giving page and select the gift you wish to give. Within 2 working days of receiving your donation we will email you a personalised gift card (as a PDF attachment) which you can then print out at home.