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EfOD Construction Project News


Browse through the newsletters below to follow EfOD’s progress constructing Kathy’s Centre!

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 1 – Excavations and ground breaking celebrations begin! The Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) press is delivered. With this press machine we are able to create 200+ blocks per day and not have to fire bricks in the traditional Ugandan way, which is very harmful to the environment.  The press will be retained by Act4Africa after the project is completed, which is excellent news.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 2 – One of EfOD North West’s major project objectives is to empower and educate the local community in modern construction technology. To achieve this, they have teamed up with HYT who work in Uganda to build better futures for the local people. This collaboration will ensure a quality building is constructed whilst simultaneously educating the local community. After seeing the work that HYT have done elsewhere, the team are investigating the option to add rainwater harvesting and other sustainable features to ensure we leave a long-lasting facility for the community.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 3 – The concrete foundations are cast but the team have been faced with some hitches of late, with an emergency trip to Kampala to fix the ISSB press. This is now back and working, and brick production continues in earnest.  The hot, dry conditions are making site work very demanding and this has been compounded by a damaged water main shutting off water to the site.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 4 – The hardcore and ground floor slab are laid, the site cook has a new kitchen and the foreman a new baby boy!

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 5 – This fortnight marks the completion of 50% of the construction programme for Kathy’s Centre – a huge milestone appropriately celebrated with a party for all the site workers! The ground slab is levelled, and the first few brick courses laid. Preparation for the construction of the EcoSan (Ecological Sanitation) toilet is now underway. EfOD works with the site foreman to create a tool that will ease the construction, and improve the quality, of the columns, and the lower half are built.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 6 – The team build the upper walls and columns to their final height. The steel ring beam reinforcement is constructed on time, and all remaining bricks for the main structure produced using the ISSB press. The team also works beyond their target for the fortnight to source and collect the windows, doors, and roofing materials for the centre.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 7 – The team progress with the ringbeam and prepare the EcoSan ready for the next team to pour the concrete. Act4Africa’s site agent visits and praises the quality of the onsite Health & Safety. EfOD also organises HIV/AIDS testing for the whole construction team with a local doctor.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 8 – The ringbeam is completed, and roof construction well underway. With the blockwork and pipes also laid to floor level for the EcoSan, an EfOD volunteer trains an Act4Africa worker in how to operate it.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 9 – The team makes significant progress with the contruction of the EcoSan toilet, which is now built up to ceiling level. The remaining roof trusses are constructed and placed, and a trench for freshwater supply fully dug. It is great to see lots of interest from local residents who visit the site this fortnight – it reassures our hope that Kathy’s Centre will make a really positive difference to the local community.

EfOD News from Uganda, Issue 10 – The roof for the main building is finished, fresh water connected across the site, windows and doors glazed, plumbing completed, and a ramp installed for disabled access to the EcoSan – a very productive fortnight! Just one more pair of volunteers to fly out before Kathy’s Centre is ready for its kit out!