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Kathy’s Kindergarten headteacher’s report

As we enter into our third term at Kathy’s Kindergarten, headteacher, Basil Amatre, feeds back on parents’ and teachers’ views on the children’s experiences so far.

We are so proud of what we have achieved at Kathy’s Kindergarten in such a short time.  So far we have welcomed 26 children from the local Mayuge community to begin their education and we are grateful to their parents for trusting us with this most important job.  In just two terms, we have established a truly unique environment in which the children can play, learn and develop. Each child is supported and valued; we respect differences, encourage and enable each child to reach their full potential in a welcoming, happy environment.

One of our class teachers, Grace, says,

“We, the staff of Kathy’s Kindergarten, are so committed and ready to offer the best services possible to our dear children. We are ready to teach these children and bring out the best in them. We are grateful for the training we have received and are keen to learn more.”

A parent of one of the children recently reported,

“I am so pleased and happy for the great job the teachers at Kathy’s Kindergarten are doing. I appreciate the services that the school is giving to my child, she is making such good progress. The school has very dedicated and lovely staff which makes the school outstanding.”

Another parent adds,

“The children are taught extremely well. Teachers take good care of the children and make school seem like a home away from home, to the extent that children don’t want to miss school even when they are sick. The staff show great concern for our children and follow up if they ever miss a day, to find out why they missed.”

Taking turns & problem-solving with a sand pulley

Taking turns & problem-solving with a sand pulley


Act4Africa General Manager, Patrick reveals,

“It was my pleasure to meet Kathy Smedley, our co-founder, on several occasions, before she passed away. The kindergarten was her brainchild. It was Kathy’s dream to give the children of Uganda the best possible start in life.  An early years teacher herself, Kathy was passionate about quality early years education and the difference this can make to a child’s future.  Kathy’s Kindergarten takes an inspirational approach to developing Uganda’s young minds, and we are proud to do this in Kathy’s name.”

We hope that through your donations we will be able offer the gift of education to 20 vulnerable and disadvantaged children.  Thank you for your support.

A regular donation of £25 will cover the costs of one deserving child attendance at Kathy’s Kindergarten.  Please donate today.

Enjoying playdough made from local ingredients

Enjoying playdough made from local ingredients