You can make your scarecrow however you like, but if you need a bit of help we’ve found some brilliant tips on WikiHow…….

Top Tip:

Don’t over-stuff your scarecrow! Less can definitely be more as it keeps the weight down and prevents your scarecrow from looking lumpy.

Ideas for materials

We definitely don’t want you going out and buying anything special for your scarecrow! There are all sorts of things you can find at home that will do the job! Here are a few ideas……

Household items

  • You can use empty plastic bottles to fill arms and legs
  • If you have any, used plastic bags, they also make great stuffing!
  • Metal coat hangers are great for creating shoulders or you could insert them into limbs and bend them to keep everything displayed in the right direction.
  • If you’ve made a wooden frame, try attaching your stuffing to it with staples, so it doesn’t shift.
  • A pillowcase could make a great body or head.
  • How about a bit of bubble-wrap as a filling?
  • You can use old clothes on the outside and the inside, for stuffing and dressing!
  • It’s easy to make a head and arms out of a pair of tights. Just stuff them and tie off at the top, so the legs become the arms and the waist becomes the head.
  • Transform tins, by painting them and stacking or threading them together, to make all your scarecrow body bits. Just be careful of those sharp edges.

Garden items

  • Have a go at constructing your own Bill and Ben by using empty plant pots for arms and legs, or even a hat.
  • How about using an old hanging basket for a skirt or to support and actual skirt?
  • Thin wire is good for attaching accessories to your scarecrow
  • Have you got an old bucket you could use for a head?
  • It’s not quite the right time of year, but if you happen to have a pile of leaves, they would make good stuffing.

Other bits and pieces

  • Have you got a swim noodle? It could come in very handy for creating a limb or two.
  • Paint, buttons and pipe cleaners are great for making faces.
  • You might not have any hay handy, for the traditional scruffy ends that are scarecrow hands and feet, but we reckon stuffing gloves and socks could be a good alternative. They don’t even have to match.

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