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6 percent...

of 12-17 year old girls in Mayuge are mothers.

OVER 90 percent...

of girls over 15 drop out of school.

Your monthly donation can empower young mothers to break the cycle of poverty and abuse



Trains one adolescent mother for one week



Trains two adolescent mothers for one week



Trains one adolescent mother for one month

Your donation will fund training programmes for adolescent mothers in Uganda focusing on...


sexual & reproductive health

Life skills

Business training & livelihoods

Meet selima

Selima was married at the age of 15 and by 21 had two children. During the Covid-19 lockdown, her husband lost his job and in return, had no money to survive. They couldn’t feed her children or even get water to drink or bathe.

They became so desperate she even thought of giving her children away. However, in 2021, she started the Adolescent Mother’s Programme and decided to take control of her life.

At the time she didn’t have monetary capital to start a business, but she did have social capital. She partnered with a neighbour to help sell clothes which allowed her to save.

She now financially provides for her family and even has big dreams to open a salon and boutique. Selima exclaims, “Act4Africa encourages us to believe in ourselves and my husband sees I too can contribute to my family”.

Why give monthly?

Long term impact

Your donation provides these women with the consistent support and training needed to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

updates & events

You will receive exclusive quarterly updates and be invited to our annual event supporting this programme.

join a community

When you give monthly, you not only are supporting women in Uganda. You are joining a global community.

You belong here

Our global supporters have one common goal: to support and empower women. We all believe that regardless of location, past, race or culture, all women have the right to their own future. To dream big.

“I give monthly to Act4Africa because I know exactly how my money will be spent. At least 80 pence of every pound ends up funding grass roots projects in Uganda, helping adolescent mums, educating vulnerable children and giving them a hand up, not a hand out, so that they can live their best lives.”

Lily Newman, Supporter

“We not only focus on teaching business skills, but by supporting their mental health and wellbeing, we have triggered them to change their own lives. We see stress reduced, attitudes totally changed and poverty relieved.”


Daisy, Act4Africa Team Member

Not ready to give monthly just yet?

All support is welcomed and appreciated...