Support Act4Africa

We rely heavily on donations to help some of the world’s poorest women and girls overcome discrimination and poverty, and build healthy and economically stable futures for themselves and their families. At this time of pandemic the need is particularly acute.

Where will my money go?

£11 will buy 3 airtight grain containers (each  holding a year’s meals) preventing catastrophic loss of food 

£25 will pay school fees and provide mentoring for a vulnerable and disadvantaged young girl 

£50 will provide emergency food aid to a vulnerable family during the current strict COVID-19 lockdown in Uganda

£150 Provides a 10 week programme of skills training to a group of adolescent mothers, including resources to make a marketable product and receive an income.

£350 will pay for a HIV/STI clinic for 100 people at Kathy’s Centre 

£500 will provide reliable and safe travel for children to the Kindergarten for a school term


Leaving a gift to Act4Africa in your will helps us to continue our work on into the future. 

Leaving us a percentage of your residual estate is the most valuable kind of legacy for us, but you can also choose to leave us a specific amount or even an item. You could also consider asking friends and family to donate to us in your memory.

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