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Act4Africa Dinner Party

Welcome to The Ac4Africa's Dinner Party!!!

Take your friends and family on a culinary adventure around Uganda – invite them for an evening of tasty home – cooked East African food, fun. And fundraising: ask your guests to donate what they would normally spend on eating out to Act4Africa.


If you’re feeling ambitious, how about creating your own version of African inspired Come Dine With Me? A bit of competition is always good fun.


Amongst your friends you can all take turns to rustle up your finest dishes, then rate each other’s meals and compete for the title of ‘host with the most’.


Have we captured your interest and made you a bit peckish? We are quite sure that we did; please read along and discover a variety of delicious Ugandan dishes that will help you start planning your dinner party – we are sure they will impress your guests and leave them them craving for more.


Click the button below download the Uganda food recipe.