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Strong Mothers Programme

“6% of girls in Mayuge, Uganda, aged between 12-17 years, have given birth. Over 90% of females, aged 15 and above, are not in school and did not attain a secondary level. Act4Africa are changing these statistics.”

When you support our Strong Mothers programme you will be empowering young women to fulfil their dreams.  Your donation provides training to adolescent mothers in Uganda on:


sexual & reproductive health

Life skills

Business training & livelihoods

to break the cycle of poverty……

Where will my money go?


  • £6 will pay for a day’s childcare at Kathy’s Kindergarten for a Strong Mother’s programme participant


  • £60 will pay for a 10 week skills training course for one young mother


  • £300 will pay for the full Strong Mothers programme for one young mother


Meet selima
Selima was married at the age of 15 and by 21 had two children. During the Covid-19 lockdown, her husband lost his job and in return, had no money to survive. They couldn’t feed her children or even get water to drink or bathe. They became so desperate she even thought of giving her children away. However, in 2021, she started the Adolescent Mother’s Programme and decided to take control of her life. At the time she didn’t have monetary capital to start a business, but she did have social capital. She partnered with a neighbor to help sell clothes which allowed her to save. She now financially provides for her family and even has big dreams to open a salon and boutique. Selima exclaims, “Act4Africa encourages us to believe in ourselves and my husband sees I too can contribute to my family”.