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Women Connect

Welcome to Women Connect!!!

Consider the statistics: one in three women globally experiences physical or sexual violence, 130 million girls are denied access to education, and women hold only 25.5% of parliamentary seats worldwide. Moreover, the persistent wage gap results in women earning approximately 33% less for every dollar, pound, or penny earned by men, while health disparities continue, with hundreds of women dying daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Women fundraising, though vital, has its challenges. What strategies work best? How do you overcome common hurdles?

Here at Act4Africa, our mission is to promote gender justice and support women and girls in Uganda to thrive independently through a transformative and holistic approach to health, education, agriculture, and livelihoods.

We have created Act4Africa’s Women Connect Group!

We hope to inspire our members to support and fundraise for us by organising fun and innovative events that go a lot deeper than a typical ladies’ night fundraiser. We meet two times a month via LinkedIn Events to discuss upcoming fundraisers and networking opportunities. 

Date and Time:

Beginning on April 12, 2024, every two weeks on Fridays from 16:00 to 17:00 UK time.



Online (Zoom)


Meeting ID: 994 1428 7536 

Passcode: GirlPower