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How we work

We put people first

Supporting women and girls in Africa to thrive independently through a transformative and holistic approach to health, education, agriculture and livelihoods

Act4Africa has a vision of seeing the lives of women and girls transformed within flourishing and equal communities in Africa.
We work to reduce poverty, change attitudes and transform communities through providing education, health services, and training and support in life- and vocational-skills. At the heart of all we do is gender equality and its revolutionary impact on both individuals and wider societal development and growth.
NGO, Act4Africa Uganda work with in partnership with UK charity Act4Africa UK: set up in 2001 by husband and wife team Martin and Kathy Smedley, to address the needs of their community with a strong focus on women and girls.
Working at a grass-roots level, we:
The key components of our approach are:

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We really appreciate your support for Act4Africa. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible to continue our work in tackling gender inequality, changing lives and giving hope to women and girls in Africa.