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Many families in Uganda are desperately poor and live under the permanent threat of hunger, with around 29% of children believed to be malnourished.


Part of the problem is inadequate harvest preparation and storage facilities, with these problems causing the loss of up to 30% of crops. Income from the crops’ sale is therefore reduced and whole families are at risk of both insufficient nutrition and its associated consequences such as maternal and infant mortality, failure to thrive, and impaired physical and mental development.


Grains for Growth, in partnership with the World Food Programme, has provided 35 households with a solution: air-tight silos in which families can safely store crops throughout the year. Each container stores more than 1000 meals in a safe, secure, insect and rodent free environment, meaning that food spoilage, including fungal contamination, is reduced to a minimum.  Households are therefore not only able to access the food themselves should the need arrive, but can also choose when to sell their crops in order to take best advantage of market prices.  Each silo is expected to last for around 20 years, enabling families to plan ahead, and taking them one step closer to escaping the poverty trap.  The families who received the silos also benefited from World Food Programme approved training in how to handle and dry crops properly, and how to use the silos. We also continue to provide on-going support through our existing network of Community Mentors. Such a simple solution, but one which is utterly life-changing.  Take a look at our blog to see our most recent work. We are currently fundraising to equip, train and support a further group of 35 families. Please donate here to help make this possible.

the impact of silos during covid-19

'' Before Act4Africa trained us, I usually had very poor yields from my garden simply because I lacked the right knowledge and practices which not [only] affected the quality of my grain, but the harvest as well. I'm grateful to Act4Africa field staff- who through the pre-harvest training sessions availed us with agronomy knowledge to which I attribute to this bumper harvest.''
"I never in my life knew that there was an alternative cheap and efficient technology, that could be used in testing the moisture content of grain. Using the [method taught to me by Act4Africa] was and has been one of my greatest highlights as a farmer and beneficiary to this program."
"With this silo in place, I have been in position to store my grain in a safe and clean way from rodents and weevils which were previously a havoc before getting this container. I am so grateful for the container, and very happy with the surplus that I intend to sell and complement our household income."
''I have observed the effectiveness of the silos and training you offered. It has enabled food security, and bumper harvests, among the beneficiary members. My question is of whether there could be more opportunities for other community members to join this program."

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