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The Need

Tackling gender inequality

Our work is focussed on tackling gender inequality and its consequences on the lives of women, girls and their families and communities

In sub-Saharan Africa, the violence suffered by women, and their inferior social standing often leaves them powerless and vulnerable, facing:

We respond through HEAL


We strive to combat the spread of infection, particularly HIV/AIDS, and to provide communities with clinics and reliable health education


We are committed to offering quality early-years' education and support to girls of all ages, and to influencing individuals and community leaders about the importance of female education


We work with women subsistence farmers to increase their agronomy knowledge and equip them simple, cost effective ways to improve their yields, family nutrition and income


We work to boost women’s economic participation and security, and their ability to participate in enterprise and trade

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We really appreciate your Support for Act4Africa. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible to continue our work in tackling gender inequality, changing lives and giving hope to women and girls in Africa.