Who we are

Committed to changing lives

To see the lives of women and girls transformed within flourishing and equal communities across Africa
 To support women and girls in Africa to thrive independently through a transformative and holistic approach to health, education and livelihoods
Our values and behaviours are intrinsically linked to our founders’ Christian beliefs and motivations. The spirit in which we operate reflects these values, which include compassion, respect for all people, humility, honesty, generosity, self-control and forgiveness. We aim to uphold and nurture these values in all professional relationships.
Our organisation is open to people of all faiths and none, and we actively seek diversity across all stakeholders

Tackling gender inequality with HEAL

Our vision is to see the lives of women and girls transformed within flourishing and equal communities across Africa.

What we believe in

 The following values drive Act4Africa’s culture and priorities and provide a framework within which decisions are made by the Trustees, the executive and our colleagues


We respect each other.
We are inclusive and value everyone equally, regardless of their gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, abilities or faith


We act with integrity.
We are open and honest and demand of ourselves the highest standards of professional competence and financial stewardship


We put people first.
We empower trustees, colleagues, volunteers and beneficiaries and keep positive personal relationships at the heart of what we do


We collaborate.
We work as a team and understand our interdependence. We realise the vital role others can play in delivering our mission


We think long-term.
We seek innovation, economic viability and ecological balance


changing lives

What people say about us

"Act4Africa is truly transforming the lives of some of Uganda’s poorest women by giving them the tools to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Their programs’ success over the years is a testament to their dedicated team."
Global Giving
"The project demonstrated strong effectiveness by delivering high-quality HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual activity and behavioural change training."
UK Aid Direct
"One of the best NGO’s in Mayuge."
Local District Official

Some of the partners and donors who help us make a difference

support our work

We really appreciate your support for Act4Africa. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible to continue our work in tackling gender inequality, changing lives and giving hope to women and girls in Africa.