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Why focus on Livelihoods?


Engaging women economically speeds up development, helps overcome poverty, reduces inequalities, and improves children’s nutrition, health, and school attendance



Our projects provide women with information and training on a variety of topics including gender equality, financial literacy, and business enterprise skills. They can also safely save money alongside others. Through this women gain economic independence and a voice in communities where they are often silenced.
The women who attend our courses are subsequently supported by our team of Community Mentors as they set up their new businesses, receiving advice and guidance on potential new markets and robust financial planning.
Women attending training are also educated through role-play and storytelling about their sexual and reproductive health, and offered support if they are suffering from domestic abuse.
  • 1

    Women are in a disadvantaged economic position, with limited knowledge

  • 2

    Women and girls attend our training, and receive on-going mentoring from our team and from the other women in their group

  • 3

    Women set up their own businesses, and save money

  • 4

    Women become economically independent and obtain financial security. Other local businesses are stimulated as these new businesses seek out resources

  • 5

    Women share their knowledge with other members of the community, boosting the overall savings profile and wider economic growth

Grains for growth

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