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Our projects increase girls’ access to education throughout their childhood and adolescence, boosting their chances of a stable, healthy future for themselves and their family, and reducing the likelihood of them falling into life-long poverty and inequality

Why focus on education?

Kathy's Kindergarten

Since February 2018 Kathy’s Kindergarten has provided early education for Mayuge’s children. With up to 60 children in attendance at any one time, the Kindergarten uses a play-based approach to early-years education, combining direct teaching with opportunities for children to explore, learn and consolidate their discoveries through play.


Delivering the Ugandan Early Childhood Development curriculum, local teachers provide a strong focus on communication, language and social interaction, offering a unique experience shown to be effective in helping develop and support young children. 


Every additional year a girl child can spend in education is beneficial to her future economic and social prospects: Kathy’s Kindergarten offers its children the chance to grow, develop and engage during their more formative years. 

Grow a girl

Our innovative girl-sponsorship programme enables girls of all ages to attend school and build productive and stable futures for themselves and their peers

support our work

We really appreciate your support for Act4Africa. Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible to continue our work in tackling gender inequality, changing lives and giving hope to women and girls in Africa.