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Meet Travis, one of our first learners at Kathy’s Kindergarten

By Kathy’s Centre Head Teacher, Basil Amatre.

Travis is 5 years old and is among the pioneer learners here at Kathy’s Kindergarten. He is a bright young learner and makes us feel proud of him as teachers, but another interesting factor is, he is the only boy in his class of 8 classmates in his age group.  The rest of his group are female, a fact that we are delighted about as girl’s education is not a high priority for our community.

Helen and Travis play in the home corner on one of their first days at Kathy’s Kindergarten.

Travis is the first born, only child, living under the care of his mother in Mayuge town.  Travis’s father works away from home.

“I feel Kathy’s Kindergarten is playing a very great role in shaping my child’s personality at this early age of his childhood, as well as building his foundation towards a bright future through the education that he is acquiring.” said Travis’s mother, Prosy.

Not only does his mother feel grateful and excited about of what she sees in Travis, but she applauds the Kindergarten for being child-centred.  “This has greatly encouraged our son’s participation, creativity, self-esteem and general well-being.”

Prosy further notes that before Travis joined Kathy’s Kindergarten, he had very low self-esteem. She is thankful that the all-round curriculum being offered at Kathy’s Kindergarten, has shaped him to what he is now, “a confident, curious and enthusiastic learner”.

“We feel so overjoyed as parents to Travis for these great mile stones and excited that, later this year, Travis will be graduating to primary school. We shall greatly miss Kathy’s Kindergarten and Travis’s teachers and peers. Thank you for giving our son a brighter future through this unique early education.”

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