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Teenage mums learn skills & entrepreneurship

By Patrick Kigongo – Act4Africa Country Manager Uganda

Uganda’s population is both young and rapidly growing.  Almost half the population is under 14 and those aged 15-24 years constitute a further 21%.  The country’s ability to provide for its children lies in the hands of those so young themselves.

Uganda has one of the largest and highest density young populations in Africa and the world. With such a background, young people grapple with many challenges ranging from economic to social and psychological. Yet amidst this situation Act4Africa brings relief, encouragement and access to sustainable livelihoods. With your support, as a Ugandan based NGO we are complimenting the government’s efforts towards addressing key social challenges affecting these young people like unemployment and teenage pregnancies.

With support from Global Giving, we are privileged to run weekly entrepreneurial sessions with adolescent mothers whose dignity and hope for a bright future had otherwise been shattered by their circumstances.  Through the sessions these young women are trained and equipped with vocational and entrepreneurial skills that lead them to self-employment.  They have formed a tight support group that has helped them to break the isolation caused by teenage pregnancy and insecurity.

“I look forward to being here every Monday afternoon for the sessions,  as they are not only impacting me for a better life, but I also find this a social gathering where we share our experiences, have light moments and feel restored from the shackles of abandonment’’, adds Hajira, a single mother on the program.

Another inspiring young girl is Olivia, who despite being deaf and dumb, has against all odds, attended consistently every week and is extremely keen to pass on her skills to the community irrespective of any given barriers.

In the community of Mayuge District where we run our operations, teenage pregnancy rates are high.  Over 44% of 15-19 year old girls are either pregnant or have already given birth.  Therefore, we feel extremely honored to receive your support, and privileged to be able to put these programmes in place.   

Your donations really help these young mothers take steps to overcome the poverty they face in their lives and to make changes in the community at large.

A donation of £50 a month enables us to provide a one practical workshop each month, complete with materials and practical skills training to produce marketable products such as the counter books pictured below.

Please donate to help us continue these valuable workshops here.