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Act4Africa Covid-19 response to children and their families.

By Jennifer Akullu, Lead Teacher, Kathy’s Kindergarten.

In line with government guidelines and COVID-19 lockdown, Kathy’s Kindergarten was sadly closed for most of 2020.  However, thanks to the support of our donors, our teachers have continued to support the children at home: initially providing them with home learning packs and regular visits to check on their health and wellbeing, providing food aid when necessary to keep up with their nutrition. More latterly, the children’s home learning has been boosted through 1:1 tutorial visits from our dedicated kindergarten teachers. 

Act4Africa’s Ugandan Lead Teacher, Jenifer Akullu tells us: 

“The program of food distribution started in May where children would be given eggs, sugar, flour and milk directly taken at home for them to share with their families and during these out reaches of food distribution teachers realized that the pupils were missing a lot as most parents did not have the time or skills to help the children.  Their early achievements in class would easily get to zero since next year is far and this prompted the school to adapt the home learning program for pupils of Kathy’s Kindergarten.  The teachers organized a learning program in pupils’ homes, after consent with their parents and this was supported by both parents, Act4Africa and teachers making the exercise easy to roll it out. 

“Teachers visit pupils’ homes upon appointment prior to the visit. The 3 teachers would be assigned different homes with packages to guide the pupil’s learning.  This has been a routine activity for the children and teachers which has helped strengthen the teacher child relationship, keep pupils learning and improving their ability of class work execution. This program has been a great success as the children’s performance in tests and class work is so good. We believe that by next year we shall have automatic promotions to those who will have scored up to the school pass mark next year.

“These learning programs have basically been a one-on-one teaching and parents are so grateful for this initiative that has kept children busy and learning from their own teachers and at a free cost unlike other children who has been receiving such learning from other teachers from different schools at a cost.” 

Peter, a father said, “Thank you so much teachers for your tireless support to our children, I love the love you have for our children and how passionate you teachers are about teaching these children of ours.” 

Olivia, a mother, exclaimed,  “You people are a real deal, my son is so blessed to have you people as his teachers, thank you so much Act4Africa and Kathy’s Kindergarten for being my child’s saviour during this pandemic, my child has not missed a thing about learning, thanks  to you.”  

Meanwhile we got to hear from our very own kindergarten child himself. He delighted us with his words: “My teacher is a super-hero, my school is the best in the whole world, because my teachers follow me up to home so that I can learn, I want to be like my teacher because she loves teaching me and my friends.” 

His mother also continued by saying “You people feel my heart with greater joy because everything you do for our children is wow!” 

We could not achieve this without your support, so thank you for providing these children with a “WOW moment” in 2020!  We do not yet know when we can re-open the Kindergarten, but we do know that your donations will help us bring education to over 50 children at this difficult time. Please donate to give hope and education to the next generation.