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Our Current Programmes

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Grains for Growth


Grow a Girl

Kathy’s Centre


Location: Mayuge, Uganda

Dates: 2019 (on going)

Phase 1 supported by the Souter Trust

Imagine your family was hungry.  Then imagine a third of your crop risks being destroyed by insects, rodents and deadly fungal contamination. And then imagine being part of the solution by preventing such devastating waste of precious food.

Grain dried on open ground at risk of contamination by animal droppings and soil born diseases.

Traditional grain storage in sacks is subject to rodent and insect infestation.

“Before the training, the more you keep the more you lose because of weevils. Now, I have extra money.”

Act4Africa has an exciting new project, which does just this.  Called “Grains for Growth”, we provide training and small airtight grain silos to desperately poor families in rural Uganda.  These safely store crops for later use, in times when food prices rocket or when children need to take grain to school as part of their school fees.

“At the moment, I can eat from my garden, but when it runs out I know I have this grain in store ready to eat.”

A Grains for Growth beneficiary with 1000 meals safely stored for future use, free from insects and rodents.

“Grains for Growth” is already working with World Food Programme (WFP) approved trainers, not only in providing these silos but also in showing families exactly how to use them, to safely store more than 1000 meals worth for future use when the family is hungry, crops are scarce and market prices high.  These containers are robust and will last those families for up to 20 years.  With skills embedded for life, these families can then plan ahead and escape the poverty trap.

 “I won’t be selling the grain because I have many children (5) and for each child I am expected to provide 10Kg maize each term.  I will use the stored grain for school in May.”

Tarpaulins are provided for the purposes of sun drying crops. These prevent contamination from animal droppings and soil born diseases.

Imagine helping Grains for Growth make this happen – because we can’t do this without you.

·        A donation of £7 buys a training manual for each participant.

·        A donation of £18 buys a tarpaulin, essential for sun-drying and providing protection from animal dropping /soil born fungi and   diseases.

·        A donation of £44 buys a grain silo.